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or felt any strange intrusion to her body? Doris said her right eye felt signs of pain afterwards, and since that night, she had dreamed on several occasions she was back with them small angels again.

"She sleepwalks," said Colin, as he passed us by.

I looked at Doris, who told me to ignore him. She said she didn't sleepwalk, she was removed from her bed, I asked if she meant she was physically removed, or removed by some other, more spiritual force? Doris said it was all a bit hazy. She said there was always a feeling of this voice inside her mind, as though instructing her.

Usually she rose from her bed, travelled down stairs and simply left the house. Colin accused her condition for the problem as he passed back the other way.

He stopped and explained to me how his wife was diagnosed with brain cancer. "Fortunately," insisted Colin, "it regressed. But since then, her memory has become somewhat jaded. We should leave well alone," he said.

I had the feeling Colin was more frightened than his wife. I had the feeling Colin thought my discussion with her might tempt some fate and cause his wife's illness to return. In some ways I respected him for that.

This was an elderly couple I was dealing with, whom had been through a very difficult period. Doris had been given a year to live. Colin must have prepared himself for that, which inevitably could not have been easy.

Her medical condition regressed, and Colin must be living constantly with the nightmare of it returning, and stealing his wife. I asked how long they had been married, but made the question sound conversational, as I tucked in to another of those fabulous scones.

Doris informed me, she married at the age of 20, 47 years ago. No wonder Colin was scared. No wonder he viewed me suspiciously. No wonder he wanted the whole thing conveniently forgotten. I believed his acidic nature a credit to him. He was only protecting the woman he had spent his life with, and for that he earned my admiration.

But simultaneous, we must also remember Doris was not senile. She had all her faculties and was perfectly capable of making decisions. I didn't invade her privacy, she wrote to me.

Therefore, even though I understand Colin's position, I had to make Doris' paramount. She continued to explain about the strange happenings that had un-invitedly entered her life. I cannot say if her experience of extraterrestrial abduction was what led to the regression of her medical condition or not.

As I have said before, and to reiterate, I was not present at these encounters so have absolutely no insight to their accuracy. My brief was purely to understand what made that vessel do what it did. From Doris' account, I would say she had an experience with a craft from far beyond our own world. And although science might pooh-pooh that belief, we have to understand ourselves what we are talking about here.

We are not dealing with some ambiguous account of alien interference; we are dealing with a strong scientific paradigm. We mentioned in our early chapters how the principles of science work. We expressed our understanding of these events, and why science believes anyone seeing Ufos, are wrong. Normally books when dealing with close encounters of the first, second or third kind rely solely on witness statements.

If we relied solely on John's, Paula's or Doris' evidence we could be sceptical to say the least. We could easily offer an alternative explanation. There has never been a book before this one that can actually justify the arrival of a UFO in the extraterrestrial sense. Quite the contrary. Any scientist will tell you by means of special relativity the event not possible, and that is why any witness of a UFO is never taken serious.

Yet we gained credibility by reworking Einsteinian physics. Not from an ify prospective, but with an equation and prediction. In other words we can conclusively prove what we say. That in itself is the single most unique piece of Ufological research ever undertaken. Can you explain simply how we did that?

Of course we can. What we will now do is show how these events are possible, and then meet our last interviewee. Firstly we must analyse why science is so hostile to these encounters with other life forms from other worlds. As we said before, there is a very good reason for this. In 1905 Einstein developed a

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