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strong theory known to us as special relativity. This theory is based on the principle all motion is relative, and light has a constant velocity. And it becomes fundamentally crucial we understand this, otherwise all ufological research is no more than nonsense.

When we say light is a constant, moving at 186,282,397 mps in a vacuum, we deduce nothing may travel faster than this speed. And so, if we built a Spacecraft and travelled at that rate, we might comprehend it would take us a specific duration to reach our objective.

If we naturally assume our closest star is a mere 4 light years away: The distance light travels in that period, we could assume, that anyone making a journey to visit us, at our illustrious home, even if they were capable of constructing a craft to that phenomenal rate, the shortest time they could make a round trip would-be 8 light years. However, another problems now enters the equation.

That is, the faster the vessel moves, the more time itself shrinks. This will equate to approximately 1 month in space for 50 years here on planet earth. If we then substitute this analogy and assumed it us making that epic voyage to visit them around our closest star, a mere 4 light years away, which is no more than a stone's throw on galactic terms, then to make a round trip of 8 light years, it may take us up to 4,800 years.

If we then said, we were arriving home today, from that colossal trip, we would have set off around about the time the egyptians were constructing the great pyramids. From that we could imagine such a great journey would not be possible.

That is why we have to accept one of two concepts; either there is no such entity as UFOs which visit our earth, because time frames involved are too horrendous, or we rework Einsteinian special relativity. But we most certainly cannot have both.

We either have to abandon Einstein or ufology? The two are simply inconsistent with one another, and therefore not possible. For us, we have renounced Einstein. We never chose this route lightly; it was a very conscious decision.

But to do so, we mustn't just say Einstein is wrong. We had to show why he was wrong to promote the velocity of light as a constant. For this we used gravity. We said that if we took two stars, and created an exertion point between them, we could move light two directions simultaneous.

In other words, and to simplify things still further, we could say that light emits from a point central to both stars. This of course is based on the belief both stars are of an equal volume of mass. If however we doubled the density of mass to one star in conjunction to the other, we could shift that exertion of force (that point at which light breaks) to a different position.

That would mean if one star was 2 mass and the other 1 mass, then the breakage point of light would be two thirds from the body of 1 mass, but only 1 third from the body of 2 mass. However, paradoxically at this point, light would have to travel at twice the velocity in conjunction to its alternative body. That means light cannot be a constant in a vacuum as Einstein suggests.

Therefore any vessel could travel at any velocity it wished, and thus UFOs should theoretically be able to reach us with no trouble whatsoever. If we simply increased the velocity of light at that point by 6, we could have a Spacecraft here, from our nearest star in a matter of weeks. But probably more importantly, we could also protect those on board that said craft from the hostility of gravity which would naturally surround them.

This is an elementary factor in any definitive movement of an object through space, bearing in mind mass is a body measured by its resistance to acceleration. For if we didn't protect them on board, from what we term G-force, they would simply be turned in to spaghetti: Thus the real quality of this theory then, is it not only allows for UFOs to get here, but protects those on board from basic gravitational laws. Yet at this stage we could still find ourselves with another problem; where do our UFOs come from, and why can't we detect their planets? We changed the emission point of light to vindicate our theory, and in doing so, we actually created an exertion of force, rather than a body of mass.

This would naturally let us assume, that if this place is merely to be a point of force, rather than a body of mass, the sum must already be calculated. In other words it would be impossible to show their

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