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planets as they have hidden themselves under a veil of secrecy. We must appreciate the complexity of this analogy, and justify it by concluding, that that point of force is no more than a reflection. If we then understand two contributing solar-systems would actually turn, alternatively, in opposite directions, so they become reversed, mirrored twins of each other, then we explain why science cannot currently use a large radio telescope, or large array of radio Telescopes to detect and show another planet's position in the heaven. At that point, because we postulated the velocity of light not to be constant, we showed how this can be vindicated by science itself.

We said starlight would appear to lift during an eclipse in another solar-system, then return to its previous position once the eclipse had passed. This then shows just how committed we are to this theory.

No ambiguity, no ambivalence, no suggestive excuses, just cold, hard scientific logic deduced from a very scientific framework: Newton's second and third laws. We offered science a challenge to go and measure what we say before they condemn it.

However, we did also decide there was one factor in the equation we could never control; that of government interference. We cannot possibly know how governments around our globe will react when they read this. Will they accept it? Will they fund scientific research to help explore it? Or will they simply ensure science, like the individual is bullied to such extents, the theory will be rubbished.

I don't know. That is purely a case for government, and the wider authoritarian structure that governs earth. But for me, it would seem inconceivable that 164 million people can witness UFO phenomenon, yet an academic world can still declare them all wrong. We must also remember, if that many people have witnessed that huge amount of extraterrestrial craft, there would probably be just as many again who have seen the same thing, but failed to report it through fear of derision.

We must therefore conclude at this juncture, we have done our bit. We have gone as far as we can possibly go in justifying UFO existence. We have given good reason to explain how Extraterrestrial life reaches planet Earth by rewriting Einsteinian special relativity.

This has never been achieved before, and without doing it, ufo's simply cannot get here. With that one simply rewrite, we have advanced UFO credibility beyond any sighting or encounter. The most fundamental principle of ufology, must be the ability of those Extraterrestrial life forms being able to make the journey.

Secondly, we showed how we can protect them from those hostile laws of gravity. We sequestrated time, to show a non-time application inside the vessel by using Newtonian equal opposites: (For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction). This became paramount because we wanted the occupants of interstellar craft to be able to arrive here safely.

By introducing a vehicle to Newtonian equal opposites we cancelled time, and allowed the craft itself to pass through a solid Newtonian wall, and not be affected by special relativity. And thirdly, we showed how every star in the heavens, could literally be teaming with life, yet remain hidden under a veil of secrecy. We met three specific criteria science has always asked for in the UFO debate: Where are these aliens located, how can they be protected from gravity on their journey, and more importantly how can they get here? It was not an easy task.

In fact it was very arduous. But with a sense of conviction, by believing rather than deriding those witnesses who had experienced encounters with UFO activity, we, together constructed a paradigm.

We then sought that wisdom Shaw so rightly spoke of all them years back. And from that we managed to slowly formulate our hypothesis layer by layer. We then set about an in-depth search to prove ourselves right; that fundamental prediction we needed to prove our theory beyond doubt.

We discovered it by what we termed: (The rise and fall of starlight on a secondary equation to a Doppler). from that we could understand, UFO activity not only likely, but more likely than not, probable. We have to accept, not only is there frequent accounts of individual and group sighting's, but well documented records of sane, sensible people witnessing strange events. These events were the precursor to our postulate. They were, -

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