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in essence the engine that drove our theory forwards. We managed to build a logical understanding, purely from an observational experience, or several observational experiences might be a more appropriate term.

Just like a police sketch artist that gradually constructs the intricate detail of an assailant's character and description, we built a model of what must be visiting our world, where they originated from, and how their craft moved with such extreme dexterity.

We made what is termed in the trade, as a clinical observation. We relied heavily on our wisdom, rather than the more preconceived bigotry that others have endorsed and circulated for so long.

What about the last person you spoke with? I saved them for last, because the detail they provided me with, first left me uncertain. Although they appear last here, they were in fact the first person I interviewed. When I initially spoke to this person, I thought I might cancel the whole project.

Their claim seemed so outrageous, I nearly walked away horrified, thinking what have I gotten myself involved with here. I'm glad I didn't. But from their account, you will see my reservations. We will call our contact, David, although that, like our other witnesses is not his real name.

David lives by himself in the south-east of England. He is 26, works in a manual labour capacity, and enjoys fishing. "My passion!" As he called it when we met.

David also told me how he enjoyed ufology, reading magazines on the subject, and watching sci-fi programmes on TV. My eyebrows naturally raised at that precise moment. I initially thought David might be fulfilling his fantasies. We meet first time in a small pub just outside Kent.

It was a warm May bank holiday, and David expressed his desire to meet me somewhere where no one would recognise him. He told me as he shook my hand: "You talk about these things, everyone thinks you're a nutter." I smiled.

That thought had be running rampant through my mind, and I felt a touch guilty at it. We seated ourselves outside in the warm sunshine, a slightly, comfortable distance from other drinkers, and relaxed on long wooden benches with a couple of pints of bitter. David had short cropped military style hair, a flushed pink face with a day or twos very black stubble and very thin pink lips.

They almost looked as though coated in lipstick; but they weren't of course. He was about five-ten, slim, and fairly muscular as though he kept himself in shape. He told me as he toyed nervously with his half empty beer glass that I wouldn't believe what happened to him. I told him to try me!

When I set about this task, I decided to keep an open mind, and not pass judgement on any individual until I had heard their account, and then proposed a hypothesis on it myself. Each individual account I decided to scrutinise with my extensive understanding of physics, and cosmology. I operated under the principle, if I could not fully determine a credible theory to explain it, then I would dismiss it.

David said he had planned a fishing trip with his mate, but his mate dropped out at the last possible moment. David said he was going to cancel too, but decided, as angling was his passion, to still go. He told me he fished for carp in a couple of the local lakes. David said he had taken his fishing tackle to work with him, knocked off just before 6pm Friday evening and travelled directly there from work.

"I planned on staying Friday and Saturday night," he said. I told him softly to continue.

David said he arrived at the local fishery about 6.45 and immediately looked around for a swim. Apparently he was the only one there, and had the place to himself. David said the lake he fished covered about twelve acres, and was well hidden by trees, bushes and surrounding foliage.

"I set-up an umbrella tent," insisted David, as he took another long swallow of his beer. He thought a moment or two, then continued: "I'd decided to use three rods, fishing deep out on a shelf, and off set these with electronic bite detectors." I frowned. David explained electronic bites detectors are where fishing line feeds through a rod-rest, and they make a high, electronic peeping noise if anything disturbs the line. "I cooked me dinner," explained David, "and then started reading a fishing mag. By 10pm it was dark and the entire lake had been shrouded in total blackness."

David said as there was no streetlights

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