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the lakes just cloak themselves in a morbid blackness. "It gets pretty eerie," confessed David. "But you get used to it over the years," he added.

I went and fetched us two more pints, and watched his hands tremble as he lifted a full pint glass to his lips. He said, almost in a growl: "It's doin' my head!" I could see this young man, had either been through a very traumatic experience, or he had a deep-seated psychological problem, or perhaps both. David was a man in shock. I asked him to continue.

He told me as night progressed, the surrounding area grew darker. He patiently waited the fish to bite. "It must of been just after midnight," exclaimed David. "The first bite alarm went off. Through the blackness, with just my night light for comfort this high pitched alarm started screaming. I struck the rod. But there was nothing. That's not unusual," he explained.

He said you can miss bites quite often if the carp are playing blow with the bait. Once again I looked confused. David told me it basically meant the fish suck the food in, set the alarm off, but have blown it back out before you strike. I nodded my head to show I understood, and he continued.

He said he began winding the line in, "when suddenly the second alarm went off, and the third almost instantaneous after that. I dropped the first rod and lifted the other two, one in each hand, hitting them both hard as I did so." David said it was highly unusual. "You don't get three rods active in one go," he said.

He told me there was no fish just slack line. "So I start to drag the first in again..."

He said, angrily. "Then," insisted David, "I see this globe of red light just below the water surface. I thought it must be a diver, or the military playing silly buggers with a mini-sub'. Then there's a second globe of red light further to the left, then a third way out to the right."

"Three globes of red light just below the water surface?" I asked.

"In a perfect triangle formation, the water rippling above them. I expected to see a submarine surface, and maybe the army or navy get out. I thought it must be some kind of secret operation..." He suggested. I encouraged him to go on. David said he lifted a powerful torch, ignited it and lit the water surface. "I couldn't believe want I was seeing," added David, reaching for his glass as he told me. He placed it down and extracted a cigarette, lit it with shaking hands and continued. "The surface water broke. Then this thick black canopy appeared. I was on my feet ready to run," said David seriously. "My torch light was flickering over this large black shape from my trembling hands, when suddenly it rose a good twenty foot in the air, water pouring from its body. All over the surface of the lake there was the sound of spilling water, and those red globes became much more obvious."

"You had a craft in the air...." I suggested.

"Sitting static and slowly turning." Said David. "It started drifting towards me. I lifted the light over its huge, black body and just stood there, my mouth open, my feet glued to the spot. I couldn't have run even if I wanted too," confessed David.

He took another drink, as I asked him how deep this lake was for Christ sakes? David said they call it a lake now, but originally it was a complex of gravel pits. He said it could be anything up to a hundred foot deep out there. "So a craft would have no problem lying on the bottom unnoticed?" I logically asked.

David said you could hide the Titanic on the bottom of those pits and no one would be any the wiser. I must admit I was sceptical. The thought of some extraterrestrial craft secreting itself on some lake bed in the south of England made me cautious.

But then I guessed they have to locate themselves somewhere. At this point I hadn't met Jack Spiller, and had not witnessed these vessels for myself. Yet I still did the decent thing and listened to David objectively.

"My torch light blew at that point," revealed David. "The thing just exploded in my hand. That was enough for me, I was off." He said, almost scoffing from his own lack of courage. "I legged it," admitted David. "Just turned and ran."

I asked if the craft interfered with him in any respect, or did it simply vanish. David said it offered pursuit alright.

"The thing just moved silently. One solid movement. Not like a helicopter, or aeroplane," insisted David. "But like one slidding movement, which covered dozens of feet instantly

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