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as though it moved without any trouble." I asked David, quite openly if he heard any engine noise?, and although he expressed in his correspondence to me there was no sound, I wished to check the validity of his statement now.

I had read his letter again on the way to this meeting place, and was now searching for an accuracy to his words. He shook his head almost violently, dismissing my question.

"There was nothing," he said, his words almost cement like in their certainty. David said there was merely a large black configuration of red globe lights above him, at apexes on the vehicle. A sleek black body in between, and a waterfall of fluid still draining from the craft.

I asked if he was positive of these events as they happened? I suggested he might even be embroidering the truth. But did so cautiously. No one in life likes being called a liar, and most certainly not, when they believe themselves to be telling the truth.

David was explicit about his encounter. He said, as he ran, the craft out manoeuvred him.

"Every time I changed direction, it headed me off." He swallowed his beer in one long gulp, and asked if I wanted another.

I was fine. I checked through my notes while he was at the bar, and waited patiently his return. When David came back and seated himself, I inquired if he had been back to the scene since?

"I haven't even been to see if my tackle is there!" Confessed David. He told me he left nearly 3.000 pounds worth of fishing equipment by the lake side that night, and had been too scared to venture back for it. "I'll not go fishing again," insisted David, shaking his head as he did so.

I smiled much to his annoyance. I tried to explain, if these, whatever they were, wanted to hurt or harm him, they would have done it by now.

"They won't harm you," I said. I wanted to reassure this frightened young man, but appeared to make matters worse. He growled at me, over the table in a tight whisper, through those pink lips: "Have you seen them?" I confessed honestly, at that point I hadn't. In fact, at that point I was even having difficulty in believing people like David. Their stories seemed far fetched, even though my own scientific theory - was by this time progressing nicely.

I had already discovered how to move light two directions simultaneous, but still didn't possess the prediction and equation for science to eventually measure. If it hadn't been for the fact, I was already fifty per cent of my way to proving spaceships could make their journey here, and protect them on board their craft, I would have probably called it a day when interviewing David.

Because of my own scientific work, I was now hooked, and intent on listening, with an open mind, if nothing else. David said with an honest expression, if I thought these things friendly, I was sorely mistaken.

"They didn't kill me, 'cos they couldn't!" said David, his voice bitter with anger.

I mumbled, that anything that possessed such power could have killed him had they wanted too. I told him he was being a touch paranoid. That was when I was ready to leave. David said, as I began to stand:

"They chased me; as I say, through the bushes and trees. I was stumbling, falling all the time. Yet over my head, through the branches I could see this huge black object, its blobs of red light obvious at the corners. It would stop, take aim, and shoot."

"Really!" I scoffed.

David insisted, his eyes passionate, that the craft itself fired pin-pricks of high intensity lasers at him. "They were like spits of rain, only electric blue, and burning anything they hit."

I stood-up ready to leave, my eyes punishing him for wasting my time. David followed me across to my car, just around the side of the pub, and away from other drinkers. He grabbed hold of my left arm and spun me round to face him. Before I could register my protest, he had lifted his T-shirt. On David's chest, and stomach was three quarterised scars. They looked horrendous, and the expression on my face reflected the pain he must have felt when those were inflicted.

"The branches around me just disintergrated," said David. "Then they hit me. Just the once to take me off my feet, then two more shots as I lay helpless on the floor," he insisted. "They wanted me dead," confessed David.

At this point I didn't know what to believe. Of...

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