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Encountered the same craft. Page 49 of 50.

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course the usual belief had poisoned my mind. Whose wouldn't it? I remember thinking, as I showed a surrogate sympathy, them wounds could have been caused by a whole manner of events. He could have burnt himself on a stove, fire, power line or circuit.

But why claim it was some extraterrestrial craft that inflicted them on him? He most certainly was not publicity seeking, nor was he attempting some campaign of popularity. On the contrary, David had insisted no one know of this meeting, he had arranged it well away from anywhere where his friends or family might see him, and swore me to secrecy unless I hid his real identity. There seemed no logical explanation as to why David might fabricate events.

There was of course a psychological ambit I suppose, what some may term a deranged character where we are not privy to the private world of David's mind. A good psychiatrist no doubt could ferment a whole range of psycho-babble to justify David's actions, but unfortunately, I'm afraid I couldn't. David, apart from the obvious seemed compus-mentus to me, in charge of his faculties and only upset and angry because the entire sorry incident had spoilt his fishing. "My passion," as he described it when we first met.

I scrutinised them scares longingly. I asked him what happened after he was attacked?, as I leant on my open car door. David said: "Those tiny bolts of blue light were igniting the surrounding area. I nearly shat myself," admitted David, his tone loaded with expletive. "I was duckin', divin', lookin' for an escape route when one hit me clean in the chest. It threw me several feet back into the bushes...."

I thought at that point, any electrically charged bolt would, but still couldn't quite understand why they wanted to hurt him. Subsequent investigations didn't bear out this initial act: John wasn't hurt, nor was Paula or Doris. They all, as I noted, probably encountered the same craft; so why shoot at David?

It was perplexing as I tried to analyse each case some months later, and still to this day, I have no insight into why David was selected, and you'll have to excuse the pun, for target practice. The only logical and original idea I can fathom, is David actually told me he was trying to summon help via a mobile telephone he held. He said, he kept trying desperately to dial for help, but to no avail.

If that craft had been monitoring the situation, which no doubt it must have been, then one of two things might have happened. One, they might have feared for their own safety, saw David's call as a threat to themselves and tried to immobilise it, which I doubt.

Or two, which for me I believe could be a more plausible answer, is David's mobile phone was emitting radiation. If this compounded a problem known simply by the acronym: HERO: (Hazardous electromagnetic radiation to ordnance), then they might have been justified in trying to extinguish the source.

We have to understand the seriousness David's telephone might have posed to that craft by placing ourselves in their shoes for one moment.

If we imagine we were on board that vessel, we had lifted from the lake bed in the dead of night, and instantly been confronted with a problem: I.E., David. At that point he reached for his telephone and started punching in numbers. Each number transmits a signal, each based on microwave emission. At that precise moment, the craft's on-board computers could have simply gone haywire. There would have been immediate panic, and a rush of madness amongst its crew.

The equivalent would be a fighter pilot witnessing all his instruments suddenly refuse to act on his instructions. HERO is a very real problem to all ordnance, and something much more advanced than our own, primitive kit, could find even low-level microwave emission catastrophic. David admitted his torch blew-up in his hand.

I would guess, and it is only a guess, they probably thought that the source. When they discovered it wasn't, they tried again, only by this time David was a moving target. We all understand the difficulty a moving target presents. A stationary target, like David's torch could have seen an accurate shot.

When he moved however, he must have presented them with a difficult choice. In essence David became a victim of his own fear: He ran when he should have stood still; not that he was to know of course. I would imagine, when he was hit, and lay on ...

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