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UFOs are sometimes called Flying Saucers. Page 5 of 50.

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What I chose to do, to make it possible to get flying saucers and UFOs to planet earth, was change the initial point where starlight first appears, and build an alternative hypothesis to existing thinking. I knew we needed something new, something more radical, something with the ability to sustain modern thinking and put us on a higher plain when it comes to espousing the laws of physics in with a modern policy of advanced thought.

Rather than say light comes from a star, and travels towards us, I allowed light to first appear central to any two stars and move two ways simultaneous.

The reason for this was to cancel time on a universal dimension and by doing so remove any possibility of an elasticity of time as Einstein himself promoted. With no time there would be no volume of mass.

This belief can be validated with measurable prediction. When one of the said bodies of mass (stars) fluctuates due to an increase in gravitational influence, the point we see as starlight in the night sky will significantly alter its position in the sky.

Depending on whether we see a solar or lunar eclipse in another Solar System will determine the aberration of starlight.

A solar eclipse in a more distant Solar System will cause the pin-prick of starlight to lift slightly before returning to its previous position, whereas a lunar eclipse in another Solar System will effect light in the opposite manner.

It will momentarily fall to a lower position in the sky, before lifting and returning to its original locality. If this is the case, and we should remember it is a unique prediction never before made, and the said point of light does therefore change its position, either by rising or falling within the wider remit of the stars capability, it must be because an outside body of mass has caused it to happen. The body of mass in this case would be an eclipse itself, either solar or lunar.

A solar eclipse in another Solar System will cause the star to condense considerably, and make the starlight rise fractionally, whereas a lunar eclipse will cause it the fall.

But whichever of these two universal events transpires, it will show the theory accurate, and will conclusively prove there is other Planets in that star system, for if there wasn't, the event wouldn't be possible in the first place.

Only other planetary motion will produce these effects, and thus in their nature offer unequivocal evidence of planetary movement, complete with moons.

Further to this; if starlight does initially break from a location central to any two bodies of mass (stars) and move two directions simultaneous, then it extract any possibility of time. Quite simply, all points in the universe would be equivalent to all other points in the universe, and no one, regardless of their position would be able to determine a point in the universe any different from any other point.

Once we remove time from the equation, and create a

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