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UFO debate. Page 50 of 50.

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the ground, that craft merely sought to immobilise his phone. Something so simple, had proven so problematic for what we might term an extraterrestrial vehicle. I telephoned David some months later when the thought fermented in my mind, and he conceded, his mobile telephone had inevitably been erased in the attack; after which the craft left.

I explained to him my observation, and tried, with some element of success to allay his fears, although he still refuses to go back to his fishing to this day. I believe I did my best for David. I believe he faces no danger from whatever he encountered. I truly believe David to be at no more risk than either John, Paula or Doris, all of whom experienced similar encounters.

We have to get things in to prospective, and understand, if this vehicle was intent on just attacking people, it would have attacked them all. It didn't. It was selective in one isolated incident. At that point we should conclude a contributory factor was involved.

However, it does present us with an interesting hypothesis for military interception of these vehicles. We might need to look, not at fighter aircraft laden with missiles, but a high resolution transmitter from the ground with microwave potential. But I'll leave that to the military to debate; I want nothing to do with them!

So in conclusion then!

The real conclusion is this: I saw first hand vehicles performing very effective stunts out in the field with Jack Spiller. I heard eyewitness accounts from credible individuals. And yes, I know there could easily be dozens of different explanations to explain away what happened to them. We could enter a debate based on conjecture without any problem whatsoever.

But we also have to accept a few unpalatable facts ourselves: Those I questioned were carefully inspected. They all had identified the same vehicle, yet had no knowledge of each other's event. Their encounters with them craft were strikingly similar. I spoke each time with local constabularies, air force bases and associated organisations, all of whom were evasive.

Like any good UFO novel we could conclude these people genuine. We could tout about their individual stories all day long and get nowhere. But that was never the exercise of our search. We sought one thing, to show scientifically these event are possible, when Einsteinian physics say they're not.

But to do so we needed credible witnes­ses. I believe we found them. What John, Paula, Doris and David did was provide us with an observational experience. I would like to express my gratitude to these few for having the courage to stand-up and be counted. It's not an easy thing to do in a sceptical world. But their accounts of events as they happened allowed us to judge the vehicle with a theoretical hypothesis.

It enabled us to construct a paradigm and make a prediction. The acid test of this chapter is not what an individual saw, but what technology is capable of achieving. We managed to show how Extraterrestrial life could get here, how we can protect those on board from G-force, and why we cannot presently detect their planets. The challenge now is not to the UFO community, but to science. Science now needs to swing its mighty Telescopes into position, and look carefully for our prediction: (The rise and fall of starlight on a secondary equation to a Doppler).

Or if a lunar eclipse is taking place in another solar-system, we might see an opposite effect: (The fall and rise of starlight on a secondary equation to a Doppler). Only then we will know the truth. But if this prediction is fulfilled, then not only will we have advanced UFO debate with an indefatigable postulate, but we would have placed humanity on the road to universal discovery. Our idea, will become mankind's destiny.

The only real problem for us might come, if science chooses to hide the evidence leading to our greatest discovery. I hope they don't. For to do so, would be the greatest act of folly imaginable. We are now a mature and adult species; government and science should understand this, and treat us accordingly with the respect, educated people desreve.

Don't shut us out, for to do so creates suspicion.

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