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Our imaginary Spacecraft are constructed as large black triangles, like those witnessed as ufos, on the outside, which once in motion will turn clockwise. Directly inside the triangles is a large doughnut type counter weight, exactly the same weight as the outer shell. When the craft moves forwards the triangle outer shell will turn clockwise, forcing the inner counter weight to turn anti-clockwise. Thus the pair create not only perfect symmetry of motion, but also weight alignment.

Directly inside the craft itself is the third, free moving body, or what we term capsule. The moment the outer shell and inner ring rotate as equal opposites to each other, the capsule finds itself static, suspended on a cushion of zero gravity. Once the Spacecraft is free of the Planets orbit in space we inject a small amount of energy into the capsule. The moment the energy is injected from a small power supply into the capsule, the universe identifies the energy and considers the universe has been slightly unbalanced. There is more energy in the universe now than there is mass, thus the universe must realign the two and return them to a state of balanced forces. To return the universe to a state of balanced forces, it would need to move the said Spacecraft at a higher velocity. By doing this, the universe would believe it could create enough mass to achieve the desired effect of a perfectly balanced state, and once again parity would be achieved, thus creating equal amounts of mass and energy. However, as the craft is built in three individual stages, the rotation effect would kick in.

The outer shell would turn clockwise, while the inner shell turns anti-clockwise, and always leave the capsule believing it is falling as a free moving object. In other words, the universe wouldn't be able of return a volume of mass to the craft simply because my theory has made it an infinitely unassailable task. In fact, regardless of whatever velocity the universe decides to move the vessel, it would never be able to reach its objective, the reintroduction of balanced forces, because mass could never theoretically be introduced to the vessel. However, as each accelerated movement takes place, and the universe fails to deliver its desired result, the return of mass, it will try a little harder.

What I've done is play a small trick on the laws of physics. I extracted any possibility of the craft applying to universal law, and created an entity that applies to its own universe laws inside the vessel. An kind of anti-universe if you like. It's a bit like a man on an exercise treadmill where he jogs away; building a healthy sweat, but gets nowhere.

The rubber tread just goes round and round and round, and no matter how fast he runs, the speed of the rubber tread keeps pace with him.

Perhaps we can show a better analogy of this by suggesting it to be like a car placed up on a roller bed, like when you take your vehicle for its yearly MOT. To test the car's brakes the mechanic can't take the car out onto the road and slam on the brakes just incase another car slams into the rear and causes death or serious injury to either of the car's occupants. Therefore, what the test centre does is place the vehicle on a flat bed with double steel rollers at either end. The bed is adjusted until the cars wheels, both front and back lock in between the rollers. At which point you have a cars wheels suspended between the duel set of rollers. When the rollers are set in motion, the car wheels turn equally and opposite in a different direction to the motion of the steel rollers, thus the car goes nowhere, just like the man on the treadmill. Only in you were to sit inside the vehicle, you could watch the speedometer in the dashboard begin to climb as if the car was still on the road outside.

However, it should be remembered, the car doesn't actually travel anywhere, it remains static in the garage. All that's happened is the car has been tricked into thinking its moving because of the movement of the roller bed. In space, our newly designed Spacecraft would have the very same problem, only the universe wouldn't be quite as smart as you or me.

Where we deduce the problem with the car on the roller bed to be rectified by taking the vehicle from the roller bed, and placing it back on the road, the universe has no such luxury. I built the craft to overcome the problem of this by ensuring, regardless of how hard the universe pushes the vessel, it forwards, backwards motion will always counter the universal action.

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