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UFO technology 1 of 14.

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Before we even being to talk openly about the construction of spaceships, them vehicles capable of high level, sustained intergalactic transportation, we must first trawl our way back through history and understand the madness of where we might have gone wrong, the reason why, and the futility of other technological achievements; which have no doubt held us back.

I suppose we could select any point in history we choose, from them early first attempts where mankind witnessed birds overhead, their effortless agility gracing the skies, and thought himself endowed with similar power, if only he used his intelligence and harnessed the same properties as the birds had, them winged feathers.

Mankind relentlessly strapped feathers on his arms, climbed the castle wall with some unerring determination, only to discover... You guessed it; gravity! Mankind's aspirations have always outstripped his ability: But that has never deterred him. When they first embarked on this great adventure, no one could realise just how far we might come.

Unfortunately though, this has always been punctuated with grandiose insanity along the way: And while it must have been highly entertaining for those peasants below the castle wall to watch a spectacle, as yet another one hit the floor, this never stopped mankind's endeavours. More feathers were needed, and mankind was back up the castle wall. Still didn't work!

More feathers were needed and a longer run up: Nope, that didn't work either. More feathers, a longer run-up, and perhaps a good jump into the air. Nope. But even as casualties mounted, mankind still pursued his ambitions. Why? Because mankind understood that one day he would emulate them birds he enviously watched. We can draw an analogy from this unflagging attempt to control our skies, and those that investigate and understand ufology today. As man watched the birds all them years ago, so today as we watch around us the potential of ufological craft that permeate our airspace, if those that see them are to be believed, with a relative ease, and that can do nothing, other than fuel human imagination and spur mankind forwards with that inexorable sense secretly lurking inside us all; and move us forwards to fruition, to that final universal goal. The exploration of our known and unknown universe.

At the moment we reach out childlike in our insatiable expectation: We move clumsily towards it, yet still have failed in our progress, if indeed that's not a contradiction in terms. But there are problems, hurdles in you like, that we need to over come.

I suppose the largest is Einsteinian special relativity: The velocity of light being a constant in a vacuum, and the faster we move the more time shrinks.

These might initially seem insignificant little problems, but if accurate, they are problems that may never be resolved. And if that's the case, why bother?

Why attempt to defeat a law of physics that could never be defeated? The reason is this: When mankind watched those birds, he had no logic to determine why he could not achieve the same majestic fete; he merely understood, perhaps illogically, if they could fly, so could he! Maybe if mankind had developed Newtonian mechanics before he tried, he might never tried at all.

Even when Sir Isaac Newton did formulate, then promote his laws of motion with a frightening accuracy, mankind should have naturally stopped his feeble attempts; but he didn't.

Even when gravitational laws of logic were observed and mocked him with unforgiving incredulity, tormenting him, man still pursued his ambitions. And from this we might deduce UFO technology shall produce the same effect.

Even with Einsteinian special relativity telling mankind his attempts to unlock the universe are hopeless, mankind will not stop. Currently science can prove special relativity absolute, which therefore means we should accept mankind is locked on this insignificant little rock called earth, and is going nowhere, unless of course mankind can actually breech special relativity. Thus, the construction of any Spacecraft must first remove special relativity from the equation: No easy feat by any standard, to take special relativity...

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